Thanks to advances in modern spa and pool chemicals and systems, owning one is pretty much a walk in the park

However there is one area of your system that will greatly benefit from getting some regular love and attention. It’s not something that always springs into mind and it’s often well hidden away…

It’s your filter!

While you are lazing away enjoying your spa or swim-spa, your filter is working tirelessly, hand in glove with your other pool sanitisation to keep your water crystal clear and fresh

Over time however, your filter will  require just a bit of love from you to enable it to do its job and perform faultlessly

Once a week, if your spa is used regularly, as part of your maintenance checks, whip out  Freddie Filter and inspect him for build up or contaminants. While he is out of his little watery home give him a hose off to remove any surface loose particles

Then to be 100% sure he is going to be tip top,  we suggest you give him a nice thorough spray of Filter Cleaner

Here at Instyle we recommend Spa Care Instant Filter Klenz

It’s a really simple no fuss process… Just remove the filter, hose him off nicely, then give him a nice deep spray with Spa Care Filter Klenz

Get right in there, make sure you get the spray deep  into all the pleats or filter veins …then let him sit ( in an empty bucket to preserve any run off) for at least  15 minutes … Then give him a nice thorough rinse off with a hose again

You might notice a bit of foaming, that’s totally normal and is just the surfactants in the Spa Klenz doing its thing liberating oils and particles from the spa filter where they have been trapped. Keep rinsing until the foaming has stopped and all the Spa Klenz ( and the grubby stuff it grabs hold of ) is washed free


You might want to give it another treatment if it hasn’t been done before or still looks a bit grungy. Same process, rinse, apply, wait 15 mins or more, rinse clean … Then your filter is ready to jump back in its hidey hole and do its job for another week or more!

No Filter is an eternal beast, and over time they will become less and less effective as they start to clog up, regular cleaning with Spa Care Instant Klenz will prolong their service life but at Instyle we do recommend replacing your filter cartridge/pad at least annually

This way you will keep your Spa water brilliantly clean, minimise chemical usage and balancing, and most importantly have your whole filtration system in great shape!