Monsoon …Definition (Noun) the change in winds which brings on the wet season

All around the globe the arrival of the Monsoons are the signals of change, the oncoming wet season, it brings growth and reinvigorates nature after the dry

The arrival of your own personal Monsoon ( by Cyclone Spas ) is your opportunity to break the drought of modern living …Every Day!

The Monsoon is a fantastic 6 seater spa, large and roomy, easily fitting 6 people, with the added functionality of providing 2 full Reclined Lounges and 2 Deep Hydrotherapy Hot Seats as well

Add in the other 2 seats and this awesome unit is packing a whopping 102 spa jets, which are supplied by no less than FOUR pumps to give you the maximum spa experience possible in a 6 seater

The amazing layout of jets in the Monsoon and its tricked out brother, the Monsoon Advantage, coupled with those 4 pumps gives you a full body massage like no other

The Monsoon Advantage has the same under the hood as the regular Monsoon but over and above the regular Monsoon equipment, the Advantage also adds the fantastic AquaGlow 3 zone lighting package, the awesome Aquasound music system, as well as the Wi-Fi enabled iSpa Control, which enables you to wirelessly control all the features with the iSpa app on your devices remotely from anywhere

Both the Monsoons come standard with titanium heating elements, Laminar waterfall filter jets, 102 Stainless Steel Spa Jets, and a 10-Star EcoStar filtration system combining Ozone sanitisation with Microban filters and the eco-spa pump which filters your water at over 4 times the requirement of the industry standard, turning over the water in your spa up to 45 times per hour!

Whether you love the added functionality of the specced up Advantage, or the pure simplicity of the normal Monsoon, both will give you an amazing relaxation and massage experience that you can share with the whole family

In Australia we know about droughts… we also know about working hard and cutting loose … Why wait months for Mother Nature’s Monsoon, when you can throw yourself into one of ours tomorrow ?