Ever wondered how the Finnish people get through a cold dark winter?

Simple ! They indulge in one of the best ways to heat up, chill out, and relax…

By throwing their butts into a Traditional Hot Rock Sauna!

For literally thousands of years, the Fins and other Scandinavian cultures have enjoyed their saunas, in fact in days before modern housing, the sauna was the first thing built by the Finns, before even thinking about a house. Because the Sauna gave life and warmth in a hostile landscape.

Using a Hot Rock Sauna is a life changing experience.

You whip on the heater unit and let it get the rocks up to a good stable temperature where you can then add steam into the room, by ladling water onto the rocks in a really cathartic experience.

As the billowing steam fills the room, you are enveloped in a warmth and humidity like no other, your pores open, your breathing sucks in the moist air, and you truly relax into a state you just can’t achieve otherwise.

Exposing the body to higher temperatures in this environment stimulates what is called a “Febrile Response” . The same response your body innately takes when you have an infection or immunity issue. Basically you are supercharging your system by exposing it to controlled conditions. This can provide relief for pain and relieve anxiety and stress, while at the same time improving circulation and skin condition.

Those crafty crafty Finns !

You too can have your own sauna at home, rewind, and enjoy what the Finns have known for aeons !

Se muuttaa elämää   !

( *It is Life Changing…in Finnish)