It truly is the Great Aussie Lifestyle … working hard, playing hard, and at the end of a long day or week there really is no better way to switch off and plug into relaxation, by throwing yourself into a gleaming pool and washing off the worries of the world

Pool ownership has come a long way since the old days of the rickety above-ground pool with the leaky liner and enough chlorine to bleach your nostril hairs into oblivion!

Modern pools from great manufacturers and installers really can bring a little bit of paradise into urban Australia while adding value to your home and encouraging a lifestyle you never knew existed

Been battling traffic for 2 hours on the way home?

Boss been on your back all day?

You walk into your home, your haven, and instead of flicking on the telly, and yelling at the kids, take the time to bond,relax and wash the worries away

Of course you CAN’T do that without a pool , well you could, but that involves packing the kids into the car, battling traffic again and then battling roughly a million other Aussies for space in a public pool, or a square metre of sand on one of the beaches. hoping to hell your kid doesn’t rock up with a sand covered syringe asking “What’s this Mummy/Daddy?”

Instead its two steps out the back, a minute to contemplate what a great idea putting a pool in was, and then grabbing the nearest kid and jumping into the crystal clear water and laughing like a little kid yourself!

Fun, Fitness, Family, Freedom at home… or dragging the whole she-bang to Bondi… for sunburnt kids, sandy jocks, and a touch of madness

Your choice really ?