Thank goodness things have moved on a bit, and we now have automated things like Salt Water Chlorination, where we don’t use added Pool Chlorine itself per se, but electrolyse ordinary salt dissolved in water to produce the free chlorine ions to do the job…

This is much preferable as all the work is done for you and new chlorine is converted constantly ensuring the right level is in solution at all times . As chlorine is so reactive it eventually finds its way back to the sodium ions and recombines back into salt, so the circle continues without too much effort on your behalf … of course from time to time you need to add more salt as some chlorine is lost to the air but it is FAR less maintenance intensive than a normal chlorine regimen

Salt Water pools however do require balancing with small amounts of Hydrochloric Acid as the electrolysis also creates a small amount of Sodium Hydroxide, however in most units this dosing is also controlled automatically for you

Salt water chlorination is a little more expensive to purchase outright, but the end result is it becomes MUCH cheaper in the long run as you aren’t forever buying chlorine and more expensive buffer chemicals

Now we come to the Top of the Line disinfection system … OZONE Purification!

Ozone is a gas that has radical oxidation properties, it is produced by an ozone generator which is simply a device that converts the normal oxygen (O2) in the air (or water) into Ozone (O3) where three oxygen molecules are combined into the one unit

Ozone is a naturally occurring compound and it is what makes the air smell so fresh after rain and lightning events

O3 is naturally unstable, it wants to get back to being O2 as soon as it can , and it does this by “shedding” the extra oxygen molecule onto ANYTHING that can take it …

Fortunately for us this is pretty much ALL nasties which hang out in your pool or spa … it oxidises them, killing them pretty much on the spot. It also reacts with dissolved compounds in your water helping turn them into larger sized salts that can no longer be dissolved and are filtered out by your mechanical filtration. The added bonus is that there are no other nasty compounds formed while it is doing its thing , in fact it reverts back to oxygen (O2), binds to and kills nasties, or combines with any spare hydrogen molecules to form water (H2O) or carbon dioxide (CO2) if the spare oxygen molecule hasn’t latched onto a nasty

This really is the Rolls Royce and Lamborghini of disinfecting rolled into one.

It is ideally suited to spas as they have a lower volume of water and thus a higher contamination load from people using them. In the dark old days balancing a spa with chlorine was more like wizardry!

Luckily for you, Instyle has many products in which Salt Water Chlorination or a Chlorine Free Sanitisation System (Ozone) comes standard… Pop in, have a chat to find out what is going to work best for you and your budget

Thanks to this much better technology, owning and maintaining a spa or pool is nowhere near as complex as it used to be , saving you both precious time and your hard earned dollars