Fitness is something more and more people are turning to, and a Spa has long been recognised as both a way to relax and prepare your body before exercise as well as an excellent recovery phase after a workout

Instyle has got you covered for all of the above of course, but we also have the most excellent way to add to your fitness regime for those people who are canny enough to recognise the part a top quality Swim Spa can play… as either the basis of, or in addition to, any workout

Consider it an opportunity to engage and lift both your physical and mental well-being

The Aquazone Series Swim Spa comes in three different variations, the Series1, Series 2, and you guessed it, the Series 3!

All three versions are the LONGEST Australian built swim spa on the market, being 5.8 metres long and 2.3 metres wide, holding a whopping 8150 litres of water in which to relax and work out in

One of the most important factors with these spas is the ability to set differing temperatures for the spa area AND the swim area independently, So you can have the spa set at up to 38 degrees for the relaxation and workout preparation side of things, and have the swim end heated to 26 degrees, allowing you greater exercise periods, without overheating. Of course you can set either side to the temp you want

Naturally these Spas come with quality gear under the shell, boasting numerous pumps and heaters in differing configurations depending on which model you think is right for you

The Series 1 is more “tame” of the three with the focus more on a full spa experience with the added capability of the swim spa end

The series 2 & 3 however have full dedicated extra Swim pumps as well as the main spa pump as well as separate heaters dedicated to their area, one for the swim side and one for the spa. This means you can definitely ramp up the intensity of your training and reap the full benefit of weightless swim training, kind on your joints, and a tip top resistive training workout to boot

The spa side of things is very luxurious with accommodation for 5 adults ( or 4 if you use the one recliner section for one lucky person) and jet configurations do vary between the versions, the Series one having 56 jets, right through to the top-line Series 3 boasting a massive 66 jets, you can be sure every massage need is taken care of as well

In each version you get easy care Ozone Sanitisation, the patented iTouch Touch Screen System, Class leading Titanium Heaters, Premium Lighting, Timber-free construction and an Eternawood cabinet exterior

The Aquazone Series not only has all the good stuff, but they look incredible too! You can even option up with Wi-fi and blue-tooth sound systems to pump the tunes while you pump your muscles!

If fitness AND relaxation are what you are looking for don’t go past these incredible Swim Spas!