In a few posts recently we have mentioned the state of Febrile Response a few times, so it’s probably a good idea that we delve into it a little deeper and illustrate just what benefits that can bring you

A Febrile Response is simply where your body heats up a little above your normal resting body temperature, it is the natural response that your body relies on to battle infection and ramp up your immunological response to little gremlins like viruses and bacteria who are waging war inside you

Ok so why would we want to mimic that? Because when we do it brings a host of other factors into play as well

Being warm and cosy is perhaps the most natural feel good state we can have, heck even a warm 5 minute shower can get you started onto the path of relaxation

Both Infrared and traditional saunas do the same thing, just in different ways

Infrared is usually a milder temperature exposure and can be tolerated for slightly longer periods where a traditional sauna is a higher temperature and the full effects of increased blood flow to the skin can be experienced in a 10-20 minute session

The most important thing to remember is that subjecting your body to longer times is not necessarily better, the benefits really take place in that transitional stage increasing the heart rate and flooding the skin with increased blood flow

This increased blood flow can help alleviate chronic pain symptoms of things like arthritis or other joint and muscle pain, the sweating your body experiences is also similar to the response your body undertakes while exercising, and it will help remove excess sodium and toxins while promoting relaxation at the same time

It’s recommended not to shower immediately or temperature shock your body by cold pool plunging but to let your body cool naturally for a few minutes. You will also lose quite a bit of fluid so it is important to hydrate before going into your sauna or spa  for maximum effect, a few glasses of water an hour or so before, will get your kidneys working and make sure you don’t dehydrate too much while relaxing

As the major part of the process it’s important to recognise that your heart will be working slightly harder, so if you have a Heart or Blood Pressure problems of course it’s best to check with your doctor if this is for you or not, but for most people the benefits will be immediately noticeable, and your home Sauna will become a great ally in feeling great and tackling the world !