Give a reason … or 10 !

Ten great reasons to invest in an Instyle Spa


1 – Encourage a Peaceful Mind … Use your Spa to unwind after a stressful day, relax in a warming massage so your troubles can be washed away by the gently massaging bubbles, bathed in tranquil lighting, and the soft sound of a calming waterfall, transporting you to a paradise in your own home…

2 – Encourage a Peaceful Body … Dial it up a touch and feel your aches and pains just drift away with an invigorating massage, with personalised settings and jets to help you feel more alive and ready to face the world once more

3 – Encourage a peaceful Soul … Close your eyes and be encompassed by the gentle warming and subtle pulsation of moving water, its how we came into the world, and relaxing in your Instyle Spa is the closest you will ever come to being as happy and safe as you can be


4 – Instyle only stocks the best functioning Australian Made Spas. They look fantastic, but never once do we put style above function. We have the best looking Spas, that perform the best. No point having beautiful form that cannot be used and maintained easily

5 – Style isn’t always just how something looks however, its all about how it performs too, and Instyle makes sure every Spa they sell performs, with quality equipment that you can see , and more importantly … quality equipment you CAN’T see!

6 – Instyle innovates in not only being able to sell you the equipment, but also transform the environment it is installed into to create the best possible experience for you, Check out our gallery, we do terrific work, we aren’t  meaning to boast at all, we just work really hard to make your dreams happen, if its decking, a natural fairyland, fully landscaped, whatever? If it can be done, and done safely, with a view to simple Spa ownership, we can create it


7 – If your spa cannot bring you Joy, then really. what is the good of it ? …  Instyle spas are meant to be a family hub, where you, your friends, and family can gather . A private oasis from the clamouring world where you can reconnect. How you do that is totally up to you, but your Spa can be a vehicle  for good times both within and outside of your family sphere. Its your choice 100% !

8 – Sometime happiness is all about $$$’s . Some cheaper imported Spas can be a money pit, from the minute you install one until the day you have to replace it. They will cost you more each week to run, more in parts down the road, and quite often require YOU to make up for their shortcomings, with increased maintenance. An Instyle Spa will give you the best bang for buck, simple as that

9 – Happiness to everyone is different … and that’s why at Instyle Pools and Spas we will take the TIME to make sure we know what will make you happiest with your decisions, we can plan the environment and equipment that best suits you . Buying and installing a home Spa is a big commitment, and that is why the Instyle staff will commit to making it as happy and as painless as it can possibly be


Rounding off the ten is Contentment

We really do want you to experience all of the above when it comes to purchasing, installing, and maintaining your Spa. From the minute you walk into our showroom, or fire off an email to us, right up until your are enjoying your first home spa experience, but just as  importantly, right into the years and years that come after

See, we aren’t a fly by night business, we have been doing this for nearly 40 years now and our first customer is every bit as important as our newest!