Living in a hot, often dry climate like Australia, the thought of sitting in a box, no matter how lovely, and being surrounded by more heat and/or humidity probably seems a pretty alien idea

However we really shouldn’t discount the whole sauna experience just because we don’t have a White Christmas unlike our northern hemisphere neighbours

Having a Home Sauna at your disposal can become an integral part of a new healthier lifestyle

Incorporating a Spa or Sauna into your daily or weekly life has been recognised for thousands of years as a way to help your body cleanse itself and recover from the rigours of the daily grind… I mean you just weren’t a real ancient Greek or Roman unless you rocked down to the Thermae to get your sweat on !

For thousands of years massive public bathing areas like the Thermae where the centre of community, where bathers could relax, chat, conduct business, and connect….It was simply a part of life and an enjoyable one at that

However us modern creatures have moved away from that communal experience, valuing privacy more when it comes to bathing, and now even showering itself is just a perfunctory scrub with cleanliness as the main aim rather than anything else

With a Home Sauna or Spa you can revisit the heady world of Roman Times and reconnect with ancient culture while maintaining the privacy we hold so valuable today

A nice warm Sauna or Spa encourages a Febrile Response, where the body is heated above our normal temperature. This is a way of mimicking the body’s own natural immune response, such as when we get a fever… This opens the skin pores, dilates the blood vessels, and puts your heart into a slightly more active state. Your body takes in more oxygen to be delivered to your muscles and internal organs,  basically supercharging your system. Lymph activity also ramps up and you are indeed flushing toxins while comfortably relaxing, cocooned in warmth

Modern Saunas come in basically two types , one a dry heat using Infrared Heating Technology, and the other being a traditional “wet” sauna , utilising steam, often generated by ladling water over heated rocks

Both types will “get your heat on” and give you the benefits of the Ancients, right here in the present day!