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Swim Spas Sydney

If you’re short on space but dream of having a swimming pool in your backyard, then a swim spa provides you with an affordable option that is enjoying enormous popularity in homes all across Sydney.


Similar to a hot tub, a swim spa can be placed inside your home or outside in your garden, on your deck, patio or any flat piece of ground. The idea is that you swim in the self-contained tub that includes a number of powerful jets that create a current for you to swim against. The current produced by the swim spa pushes against you in much the same way as a treadmill works.

Ease of Installation

Swim spas are easy to install and unlike an outdoor swimming pool, there is no need to excavate your backyard. The team at Instyle Spas can assemble and install your swim spa, provide a plumber to install the plumbing and design suitable decking around your swim spa or landscaping with paving and plants.


A swim spa is easy to maintain and combines all the benefits of a relaxing spa together with the fitness benefits of swimming in a pool.


Your low maintenance swim spa means you get to choose the temperature of your water letting you decide whether you want to swim in cool or warm water.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Benefits of InStyle Swim Spas?

InStyle Swim Spas and Plunge Pools pack lots of pleasure into a compact package that provides similar benefits to larger swimming pools at much lower cost.


The smaller size makes a portable swim spa simple to place anywhere, and the attractive designs help them fit seamlessly with your decor.


Models built with entertainment in mind offer room for family and friends, while options loaded with hydrotherapy features help ease soreness and aid in relaxation.


An outdoor swim provides opportunities to cool down on hot days and swimming current jets in each one lets you get a great workout at home. Additionally, when you buy swim spas from InStyle, you’re buying Australian Made and supporting local Australians.

How Many People Can Swim Spas Hold?

InStyle has swim spas for sale that accommodate up to nine people, making them an ideal place to socialise with friends and family. Seats in many models, including the Signature V-Stream swim spa, have adjustable jets, letting users create a personalised hydrotherapy experience every time.


Optional Global Wi-Fi and Bluetooth stereo in models such as the Signature AquaZone 3 swim spa make these compact pools a great option for BBQs and gatherings, while mood lighting helps you set the perfect tone for any occasion.


Bookmark InStyle’s blog to explore more ways swim spas installation can improve your social life.

What is the Best Swim Spa for Me?

Picking the best swim spa for you depends on a variety of factors. For instance, if you want a larger unit but have limited indoor space, you need an outdoor swim spa that suits your deck, patio or lawn.


Likewise, you want to choose a spa swimming pool that suits your preferred usage. If you’re looking for a combination of relaxation, entertainment and fitness, the Leisurerite X529 model makes everyone happy with its room for nine and fingertip adjustments and controls.


If you’d love a hot tub-like experience with options for swimming, consider the Swim 4M Leisurerite with its 42 hydrotherapy jets and dual swim streams. Sign up for a home assessment and design consultation if you’re curious about a swim spa in Australia.

Why Should I Buy Swim Spas From InStyle?

In business for over 36 years, Instyle Spas has reliably served Australian customers with custom solutions for their outdoor space designs.

We make it convenient for customers seeking swim spas in Sydney to have high-quality options Made in Australia to support their local economy.

When you contact us, we work with you one-on-one to design a swim spa installation unique to your particular needs. Since we’re a boutique-style business, we take you from start to finish in your outdoor living project, landscaping needs to help you create a personalised oasis for optimal entertainment, relaxation and fitness.

We have all your Pool and Spa solutions

For those who love to exercise in the water, inground swim spas are another exciting option. These are spas with a powerful motor which creates a current you can swim against to exercise. InStyle has all these types of inground spas for sale in Sydney.