Who doesn’t like lazing in the spa on a chilly winter night, or just plunging in for a cool release on a stinky Summers day?

However your average spa is just that … a tub of water you sit in and let the world pass you by

With our range of top line Swim Spas however, you can mix things up a little and utilise your spa for fun and fitness, as well as much needed relaxation

The principle is pretty simple…By channelling the output of your spa pump into a concentrated set of nozzles at one end of the unit , you effectively create a moving “stream” of water from one end of the swim spa to the other !

Pretty much a water treadmill on which to perfect your swimming stroke and fitness, without having to go to the trouble and expense of installing a full size pool at your home

We have models starting from an awesome four seater swim spa measuring in at only 4 metres long and 2 metres wide and yet still providing ample space to knock out a few “laps” … Laps that never end!

No tumble turns, no-one to get in your way, available any time, in your own house!

If you want to go a little bit “extra” your mates at Instyle Pools and Spas can show you many other models and style to suit your needs and budget

Best of all they use a fraction of the water a regular pool , have a far smaller footprint, and of course upkeep costs are far less than a regular pool

Instyle Pools and Spas can also create and install your own private water wonderland as we offer a complete service with landscaping and decking options if you want to dress things up a little