One truth we neglect an awful lot in modern life, is the simple art of relaxation

Humans just weren’t built to run on 20 cups of coffee, shuffling kids x amount of times a day, battling traffic, and pretty much loading ourselves up with stress from the minute we leave our beds in the morning, until the time we flop back into them at night. Just so we can lie in the dark for an hour fidgeting and grunting until finally exhaustion drops us into another crappy nights sleep

Even most of our so called downtime usually involves staring at a screen, planning your next day at work or dealing with the kids, checking emails, trying to present the best possible life you can on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tik-Tok etc. It never really ends, it’s just rinse and repeat day after day, year after year, until the kids move out and you take up the next fad to appear to fill in the blanks

How about we just say … “NO!”

Its as simple as that … and the absolute BEST way to say no to it all is to take a bit of time each day, just for ourselves, and there is no better way to do that than plop yourself into a beautiful warm environment, surrounded by a million bubbles, floating you off into a world you never really knew could exist

Why not take a half hour or more a day just to literally kick back and connect with yourself in an environment where you are not slave to the million things clamouring for your attention. No bad news screaming from the television, no emails from the boss , no billion and one things demanding you reply or acknowledge them

Switch off, and switch on to your new lifestyle, lazing in a spa tub, belting out a few laps in a pool , or combining the two into the best of both worlds with a Swim Spa

Time to just be you, to feel the blood coursing through your veins, to be weightless in a world where all the weight used to be on your shoulders

This world is full of demands, the world is full of obligations, and your life becomes emptier the more they take

Time to recharge, Time to be spoilt

Time for an Instyle Spa or Pool … you know it makes sense !