The Whirlwind spa is a great new model in our range

As the title suggests it’s a beaut round spa designed to be a hot tub of relaxation in your home

Instyle’s Whirlwind is loaded with a stack of features and technologies, all working side by side to provide the ultimate relaxation experience

Made here in Australia, as all our products are, it is truly a work of art

The patented TuffFrame and TuffBase construction system is virtually bulletproof

Maximum strength and durability without sacrificing insulation or form factor

The Whirlwind incorporates EcoSpa Filtration and Ozone Sanitisation along with our premium Titanium Heater, combining maximum water quality with a minimum of owner maintenance. In fact less than 5 minutes per week of your time is required to keep this circular oasis humming along

The Ozone based Chlorine Free Sanitisation System means this spa can be run Chlorine free!

Ozone is created internally then finely bubbled into the water  which instantly oxidises any nasties, killing them dead in their tracks. It is effective against bacteria viruses and cysts (Guardia etc.) It also oxidises any impurities in the water like metals and other dissolved substances and removes them from solution

The EcoSpa filtration then filters  the dead organisms and oxidised impurities from the water, leaving you with crystal clear pure sparkling water. This is really important as you don’t have live bacteria and other nasties breeding in the filter itself !

Ok so that’s the water taken care of, let’s look at some features which sets this particular spa apart … Did we mention it’s a round spa?

I think we did , but we should also point out this beauty, even with its small footprint of just 2100mm in diameter, seats 6 adults in luxury, each seat area features a different hydrotherapy jet layout . You can pick and choose just what blissful massage experience you want on any given day

With a total of 50 Stainless Steel jets in six different layouts you are truly spoiled for choice, the inclusion of LED lighting, Laminar Waterfall Jets, Quad Layer insulation, a 10 Star Filtration System (incorporating Microban Filters), Titanium Heater, and a whopping 4.2 HP Hyflo Massage Pump, this amazing Round Spa delivers

Maximum relaxation, minimum maintenance, and all that technology working to minimise running costs. An All “Round” Winner!