Let’s get this party started! Woot Woot!

A home Spa can be an integral part of a relaxation and mental health regime, but lets face it … It can also be a heck of a place to have a party!

At Instyle of course we have you sorted…

Introducing the “Great for Eight “  Leisurerite Tribe!

The Tribe is one awesome epicentre for huge families or for people who love to entertain. Comfortably sitting EIGHT people in a clever design, which easily takes the gang, but doesn’t have a huge footprint of our biggest 10-12 person spas

Coming from Australia’s premium spa builders, you know you are getting the full package. Dual Hyflow Massage Pumps, A Premium Water Management System, Titanium Heater Package, which can also be optioned up with a Full Wi-Fi package, Bluetooth Stereo, with Snow or Sterling Marble Acrylic finishes or select our Premium Acrylic range of finish if you seek a bit more flash

With optional Colour Changing Mood Lights you can create the perfect party atmosphere!

The Tribe comes fitted with 37 top class jets laid out in differing patterns,  each seat giving a different massage. It’s awesome if you are on your own using it for hydrotherapy, but also creates the perfect environment to mix and match with your guests. Have a game of “Musical Massage” and swap seats now and then for the most awesome Party Relaxation on the planet.

Being a Leisurerite Spa, the Tribe is of course made with Tufframe and Tuffbase construction, offering a ground-breaking 100 year structural guarantee! The Heater is  made of Titanium, one of the most corrosion free and thermally stable metals on the planet. Aircraft technology in your Spa right there folks!

It doesn’t stop with just the construction though … If fitted with the Wi-Fi option you can remotely control your spa from anywhere in the house and set your temperature and lights etc directly from your smart device .

Water filtration is taken care of using a combination of factors that ensures your water is treated immaculately… at up to 4 times the industry standard

The 1400 litres of water in your spa is fully circulated on average 45 times per hour thanks to the special Eco Filtration Pump… more work for less cost!

Cutting edge Advanced Plasma Gap Technology creates Ozone for a chlorine free sterilisation which is then backed up with Microban Filtration … all working hand in hand with that Eco Pump to give you top quality water 24/7.

So if you are the entertainer of your crowd or have your own live in Tribe, then perhaps the Leisurerite Tribe is exactly the Spa you should be looking at, and you know with your mates at Instyle we are going to give you the best sales and service experience, so you really have no excuse not to Party Hearty with YOUR Tribe … in our Tribe!