If you seek complete relaxation and indulgence, look no further than the Tempest by Cyclone Spas.

This exquisite addition to your home features seating for up to five individuals, complete with a comprehensive range of therapies that includes two luxurious reclined lounges and an additional hydrotherapy hot seat. The Tempest is your ultimate retreat to soothe away all your troubles and stress.

Cyclone STORM 6 Seater Spa

With a refined and elegant design, the Storm by Cyclone Spas epitomises contemporary luxury and serves as the ideal complement to the modern home.

This magnificent spa accommodates up to six individuals in plush comfort, combining an array of 63 jets, two profound hydrotherapy hot seats, and a reclined lounge that caters to your every need. The Storm’s therapeutic features are meticulously crafted to ensure that you relish every moment of your soak. Experience the pinnacle of hydrotherapy excellence with the exquisite Storm by Cyclone Spas.

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A spa warranty like you have never seen before

We are confident that we have constructed and engineered the best spas available in the market, which is why we provide Australia’s most comprehensive spa quality assurances and the best spa warranty.

The Instyle Spas Cyclone range offers a world-class 7-year warranty covering all your spa’s key components, providing extended protection. This guarantee ensures complete peace of mind, as you can trust that your investment is built to last.

Our 7-year warranty covers all the major equipment used in your spa, allowing you to relax and enjoy your spa experience without any worries.

Select Upgrade

The Cyclone range continues to prioritise delivering a personalised spa experience that caters to your unique relaxation needs and objectives. As a part of this commitment, the Select Upgrade is available to elevate and enhance your spa experience by offering a variety of premium features that take your relaxation to the next level.


State-of-the-art built-in bluetooth speakers that sit underneath the spa shell and transfer sound through the water using vibration. Aquasound also comes with amplifier and subwoofer.

AquaGlow Backlit Jets

Elevate the ambience with an enhanced lighting feature, which illuminates the water and sets the perfect mood.

Additional Mini Touchpad

With an additional mini touchpad, you can now effortlessly manage your spa and enjoy greater convenience and control.

Ultraviolet Sanitisation (UV)

The advanced UV light sanitation process effectively and naturally sanitises your spa water, providing extra cleanliness

With over 25 years in the spa industry, Instyle Spas has earnt recognition for its exceptional quality and pioneering approach to devloping world-class spas built in australia.

For more than 25 years, we have been proudly crafting spas in Australia, ensuring maximum quality control by keeping our production on shore. To achieve an exceptional spa experience, we meticulously hand-select all the components from around the world, incorporating only the latest cutting-edge technologies.​

The TuffFrame™ is an award-winning design, proudly manufactured in Australia, that comprises multiple injection-moulded upright supports that connect to the TuffBase™ in the spa shell. The TuffFrame™ Structural System can support almost double the weight of a traditional spa frame.

Creating a safer spa experience

Our suctionless technology for the Instyle Spas Cyclone Spa range surpasses Australian Safety Standards. It provides a safer spa experience that removes the suction point eliminating the risk of hair or clothing getting trapped.

Through new technology innovations, the Cyclone Spa design and jet configuration ensures water is directed towards the filtration system through a gravitational pull, resulting in a cleaner spa.

Our Cyclone Spas have unparalleled 100% Filtration Technology that can clean 1,000 litres of water every 10 minutes, ensuring maximum cleanliness.

We take spa filtration seriously and aim to provide the cleanest spa experience possible. For instance, one person in a 1000 litre spa is equivalent to 30 people in a 30,000-litre swimming pool.

World Class 8 Layer Arctic Insulation

The revolutionary Arctic Insulation comes standard on all Cyclone spa models, providing the most energy-efficient spa solution. Arctic Insulation advanced technology comprises of 8 layers which work together to trap heat inside the spa, preventing energy loss and assist in reducing overall running costs.

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