Cyclone Monsoon – A Family Favourite

Monsoon …Definition (Noun) the change in winds which brings on the wet season All around the globe the arrival of the Monsoons are the signals of change, the oncoming wet season, it brings growth and reinvigorates nature after the dry The arrival of your own personal Monsoon ( by Cyclone Spas ) is your opportunity […]

You give me FEVER!

In a few posts recently we have mentioned the state of Febrile Response a few times, so it’s probably a good idea that we delve into it a little deeper and illustrate just what benefits that can bring you A Febrile Response is simply where your body heats up a little above your normal resting […]

The Great AUSSIE BBQ !

So the weather is warming up, bright blue skies are opening above us, and the familiar sounds of Spring have been echoing through the city and suburbs Friendly chats with the neighbour over the fence, or friends outside a cafe The whirring blades of lawn mowers, the joyous giggling of kids as they play without […]

The best of both worlds…Aquazone Dual Zone!

Fitness is something more and more people are turning to, and a Spa has long been recognised as both a way to relax and prepare your body before exercise as well as an excellent recovery phase after a workout Instyle has got you covered for all of the above of course, but we also have […]

A sauna a day helps keep the doctors at bay !

Living in a hot, often dry climate like Australia, the thought of sitting in a box, no matter how lovely, and being surrounded by more heat and/or humidity probably seems a pretty alien idea However we really shouldn’t discount the whole sauna experience just because we don’t have a White Christmas unlike our northern hemisphere […]

A bit of Filter love

Thanks to advances in modern spa and pool chemicals and systems, owning one is pretty much a walk in the park However there is one area of your system that will greatly benefit from getting some regular love and attention. It’s not something that always springs into mind and it’s often well hidden away… It’s […]

Landscaping – Turn your backyard vision into reality!

Let’s take a minute to stop rabbiting on about how great our pools and spas are … (Although you know something?  They are really great) Instead lets rabbit on a bit about how our landscaping and personal services are every bit just as great! Purchasing a pool or spa is one step towards creating a […]

Connect with our Mid-Sized Crew !

Instyle just loves bringing the right spas to the right people! Some people just want an intimate spa for 2 or 4 and others want a huge party central that can take a dozen bodies in supreme comfort We also cater for the “inbetweeners” with our marvellous Mid-Size Beauties, the Leisurerite Crew and the Connect! […]

Infrared Sauna Vs Traditional Sauna

We all have the mental image of a sauna, with hot sweaty bodies, billowing clouds of steam, and birch branch whippings before plunging into an icy fjord Life in Australia is just a little bit different ! Generally unless you live in the tropics our heat is a dry heat, and its quite “do-able” most […]

You need a Spa, let’s learn why…

Give a reason … or 10 ! Ten great reasons to invest in an Instyle Spa Peace 1 – Encourage a Peaceful Mind … Use your Spa to unwind after a stressful day, relax in a warming massage so your troubles can be washed away by the gently massaging bubbles, bathed in tranquil lighting, and […]